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Nontenure Line Faculty Committee

Comprised of two appointed representatives from the Colleges of Applied Arts, Business Administration, Education, Fine Arts and Communication, Health Professions, Liberal Arts, and Science and Engineering, the Nontenure Line Faculty Committee is charged to ensure that non tenure-track faculty have a means to express their interests and concerns directly to the Faculty Senate. Liaisons will be appointed for each department/school not represented by a committee member.

For a list of representatives, click here.

Departmental/School Policies and Procedures pertaining to nontenure line faculty

Information about NLFC meetings and minutes of previous meetings

2012-2013 NLFC Initiatives

Two major initiatives were undertaken by the NLFC during the 2012-2013 academic year. The first was a proposal for a teaching excellence award for part-time faculty, and the second was a proposal for development release time for full-time nontenure line faculty. Both proposals have been presented to the Council of Academic Deans and have received preliminary support from the upper administration. Stay tuned. . .

NLFWR Proposal Approved

In recognition of the essential role of the nontenure line faculty in delivering curriculum and contributing to the culture of scholarship at Texas State University, a Nontenure Line Faculty Workload Release program has been established to allow full-time, non tenure-track faculty to receive up to a 6 workload credit reduction of their normal semester teaching load (at full pay and benefits) to pursue scholarly/creative projects, curriculum development, or teaching improvement projects.

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