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Nontenure Line Faculty

Nontenure Line Faculty Website Mission 

In fall 2012, the Faculty Senate‚Äôs Nontenure Line Faculty Committee received authorization to construct a website accessible from the university homepage via the Faculty & Staff dropdown menu. The nontenure line faculty play an essential role in delivering curriculum and contributing to the culture of creativity and scholarship at Texas State University. This website was conceived to serve the needs and interests of the Texas State nontenure line faculty, as well as to publicize and promote their myriad accomplishments.
Comments, suggestions, and questions can be directed to your department's Nontenure Line Faculty Committee Member or Liaison or to the Nontenure Line Faculty Committee Chair, c/o

Who Are the Nontenure Line Faculty?

As of spring 2019, the Texas State University faculty included 1100 nontenure line faculty -- 621 employed full-time and 479 teaching part-time -- constituting over 50 percent of the total faculty.

AA/PPS 04.01.20 (7.22) lists the following titles under its definition of nontenure line faculty:

Senior Lecturer
Clinical Lecturer
Clinical Assistant Professor
Clinical Associate Professor
Clinical Professor
Research Assistant Professor
Research Associate Professor
Research Professor
Lecturer of Practice
Assistant Professor of Practice
Associate Professor of Practice
Professor of Practice
Professor of Practice-Endowed Chair
Visiting Lecturer

"Temporary, non-continuing faculty play an essential role in carrying out the educational mission of this institution. These faculty are a pool of talent that can enhance the quality of instruction, research, and service. It is therefore critical that the university ensure that this group of faculty be treated in a fair and equitable manner. It should be recognized that temporary, non-continuing faculty benefit the university, department, and students." (AA/PPS 04.01.02)

Visiting Assistant Professor
Visiting Associate Professor
Visiting Professor
Assistant Professor Emeritus/Emerita
Associate Professor Emeritus/Emerita
Professor Emeritus/Emerita
Regents' Professor Emeritus/Emerita
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
University Distinguished Professor Emeritus/Emerita
Extension Educator
Language Educator
Teacher Fellow
Affiliate Instructor

Nontenure Line Faculty Committee

The Nontenure Line Faculty Committee meets once a month. The committee will not meet in the summer.

Information on meeting times and minutes

Current members of the Nontenure Line Faculty Committee

Part-Time Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award

All faculty members who taught less than full-time in the preceding calendar year are eligible to apply for the Part-Time Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award.  One award may be bestowed in each academic college annually.  The award will consist of a certificate and a monetary award of $1,000.   Policy and procedures may be found on the Faculty Senate website.

Award Recipients 2013-2018

Nontenure Line Faculty Workload Release

In recognition of the essential role of the nontenure line faculty in delivering curriculum and contributing to the culture of scholarship at Texas State University, a Nontenure Line Faculty Workload Release program has been established to allow full-time, non tenure-track faculty to receive up to a 6 workload credit reduction of their normal semester teaching load (at full pay and benefits) to pursue scholarly/creative projects, curriculum development, or teaching improvement projects.

AAPPS 04.02.03

Nontenure Line Faculty Workload Release Recipients